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Genetic disease screening program


Screening Information System (SIS) 2.0

Important Update

SIS 2.0 is currently for Prenatal Screening Program users only. NBS and Biobank users should use:

Favorite pages either bookmarked or saved to your desktop should be updated to the new location below, before 9/19/2022. 

Please open the SIS 2.0 BI Reports Link (available Sept 19th) to access and save the link.

Note: Before you can obtain access to the Screening Information System (SIS) 2.0 you must read, sign, and fax the Oath of Confidentiality (PDF).  You will be asked to do this the first time you login to your user account on SIS 2.0.

To access the California Codes go to the Official California Legislative Information website.

See the Genetic Disease Screening Program Privacy Policy.

Major Links

  • Log-in to SIS 2.0 Online Application (available Sept 19th)
  • Log-in to SIS 2.0 BI Reports (available Sept 19th)
  • SIS 2.0 Multifactor Authentication Setup (available Sept 19th)
  • SIS Azure IAM User Manual (available Sept 19th) 
  • SIS 2.0 Web-based Training Videos
    • GDSP Staff (forthcoming)
    • PDC Staff (forthcoming)
    • NAPS Lab Staff (forthcoming)
    • cfDNA Lab Staff (forthcoming)
  • CCC Demo 7/20/2022 Passcode: 7#g0G55E
  • NAPS Demo 7/21/2022 Passcode: ju8kqXi?

For help with SIS 2.0, please contact

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