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VRDL Specimen Shipping Guidelines and Current Specimen Submittal Forms


Specimen Shipping Guidelines

  • Specimens must be accompanied with a printed copy of the form(s) specified below or a form generated in the VRDL Lab Web Portal.​
  • Submit one form per specimen. Specimens without a correctly filled submittal form will not be tested.
  • Prevent leaking. Be sure that the primary specimen container is closed tightly.
  • Use an appropriate, sealed secondary bag or container with absorbent material included.
  • Do not apply tape to secondary bags. Do not tape specimens or bags together.
  • Handwritten General Purpose Specimen Submittal forms will not be accepted.
  • Please refer to Test Order pages in the VRDL Test Catalog​ for additional shipping information​.​

Note: In order to ensure accurate patient and specimen identification, the submitter must provide the following information:

    • Patient name or patient identification number (must also be written on sample container)
    • Date of birth
    • Date of onset (estimate if necessary, since this is very important to result interpretation)
    • Type of specimen(s) (must also be written on sample container
    • Date specimen was collected (must also be written on sample container)

Specimen Submittal Forms ​​


If you are having difficulty accessing the General Purpose Specimen Submittal Form please contact CDPH at (510) 307-8585 to request this information in an alternate format. We are currently in the process of converting this document to ADA web accessible formats. ​

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