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Prenatal screening program


Prenatal Screening Patient Booklet

The following is the initial text from the Prenatal Screening Patient Booklet that will be in use once the revised Prenatal Screening Program launches on September 19, 2022. 


Pregnancy can cause feelings of joy, as well as fear, stress, and uncertainty about the future. Some expecting parents want to know as much as they can about their fetus during pregnancy. 

This booklet explains prenatal screening offered through the California Prenatal Screening Program. Prenatal screening is a way to check on your fetus (developing baby) during pregnancy for birth defects.

You decide if you want prenatal screening. Your prenatal care provider should discuss this information and your choice with you early in your pregnancy. 

What does the California Prenatal Screening Program do?

The California Prenatal Screening Program is a statewide program offered by prenatal care providers to all pregnant individuals in California. Prenatal screening uses a pregnant individual’s blood samples to screen for certain birth defects in their fetus. Individuals with a fetus found to have an increased chance of one of those birth defects are offered genetic counseling and other follow-up services through state-contracted Prenatal Diagnosis Centers. 

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