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Genetic Disease Screening Program​

​​MSAFP Order Poster

Please click the button to print a two-page poster on how to order an MSAFP s​​creening test to post on your wall​.​

For full screen printing, click on each page of the poster to download a file and save it. Then open each saved file and print it.​

Page 1

Poster Page 1

Page 2

Poster Page 2

​​​​For more information on how to place screening test orders and look up screening results, please see our ADA-compliant videos on the PNS Program Portal Resources web page. ​​For more information on how to place orders and look up results, please read the PNS Program Provider Handbook (PDF, 2.7 MB).​

Please click the cfDNA Poster button to access the 2-page poster on how to order cfDNA screening.​

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