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This Training section  contains documents and links to additional training resources that are regularly updated. These resources are intended to provide planners and participants with in-depth information and training that supports or is relevant to the specific objectives being tested. Some of the resources have been developed by local programs and serve as best practices.

Department Operation Center Training

This training, developed by the San Mateo County Public Health System of California, is intended for local health department staff who may be assigned to the department operations center during an emergency response. The Department Operations Center (DOC): Basic Training for California Health Departments online course was developed to help public health professionals strengthen their familiarity with the Incident Command System (ICS) for managing all-hazards emergency responses.

Disaster Response for Emergency Department Staff - Module 1

Disaster Response for Emergency Department Staff - Module 2

​This training is intended for hospital emergency department (ED) staff to better understand their roles during emergency operations. The training consists of two modules.  

Incident Action Plan Toolkit

​​This training is intended to teach hospital staff what an Incident Action Plan (IAP) is, what the process for completing the IAP is, and how to complete some of the common Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) forms that comprise the IAP.
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