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California Statewide Medical & Health Exercise

MYTEP/Regional Focus FAQs ​

​What is the MYTEP?

​The SWMHE Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP) is a strategic outline of the chosen objectives and capabilities selected by the exercise planning workgroup based on grant requirements for the next five years of the program. Based on these objectives and capabilities, the exercise planning workgroup selects a suggested scenario for each year that would focus on these objectives and capabilities. As always, the exercise is objective-driven, and the scenario is optional. The MYTEP can be accessed from a link on the SWMHE homepage.

​What is the MYTEP based on?

​The SWMHE Exercise Planning Workgroup has focused the SWMHE program priorities for the next five years on the top priority Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) and Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) capabilities identified by local jurisdictions through annual surveys. Many local jurisdictions have already developed their own MYTEPs according to their needs and priorities, which may or may not overlap with the capabilities identified in this plan. In order to ensure as much overlap as possible, CDPH and EMSA released a survey in July of 2015 to gather feedback on the top priority capabilities (PHEP, HPP, and National Core Capabilities) for 2016 and 2017. Based on the feedback received, as well as funding requirements, requests for specialized topics, and subject matter expertise, this five-year plan was crafted to achieve the top priority capabilities in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and to focus on the rest of the capabilities for 2019 and 2020. In this way, all PHEP and HPP capabilities are tested at least once in the five-year period (according to requirements) and local jurisdictions can concentrate on priority capabilities before moving on to others that may be less of an immediate need.

​What does the Regional Focus refer to on the MYTEP? What does this mean for my region?

​The Regional Focus refers to a concerted effort that will be made each year for CDPH and EMSA to focus on interacting with the selected region during the exercise. The region(s) identified for each year are expected to coordinate a regional exercise planning effort. The counties within the region do not all have to play to the same exercise scenario. However, the goal is to come together to conduct regional planning for the SWMHE. CDPH and EMSA may work with the selected region ahead of time to help facilitate joint planning efforts. If you are a local healthcare provider within the selected region, we recommend reaching out to your local HPP or PHEP coordinator for more information.

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