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Be Prepared

California State Capitol Building

State Resources

Governors Office of Emergency Services - Provides information on emergency response activities in California and resources for the public.

Emergency Medical Services Authority - Ensures quality patient care by administering an effective, state-wide system of coordinated emergency medical care, injury prevention, and disaster medical response.

Office of State-wide Health Planning and Development - Works through many different programs to promote equitable healthcare accessibility for Californians.

Department of Food and Agriculture - Animal Disaster Preparedness and Response - The CDFA has developed a County Animal Disaster Preparedness and Response Guide to be used by counties to develop their own plan for dealing with animal issues during a disaster.

Integrated Waste Management Board - Provides information on the Integrated Waste Management Disaster Plan and provides guidance to the disaster preparedness efforts of local government.

Department of Aging - Provides information for older and disabled Californians to be prepared for emergencies.

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