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ADAP MM 2021-20
December 14, 2021




The purpose of this memo is to notify PrEP-AP Enrollment Workers about upcoming changes to PrEP-AP telehealth services that will effect PrEP-AP Clients who utilize PlushCare for PrEP and post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) services.

On December 31, 2021 PrEP-AP's contract with PlushCare to provide telehealth services to PrEP-AP clients for PrEP and PEP will expire and not be renewed. To ensure PrEP-AP clients have uninterrupted access to telehealth services, PrEP-AP is piloting a project with three contracted PrEP-AP Clinical Provider sites that will provide PrEP and PEP telehealth services to PrEP-AP clients statewide. Please note that all PrEP-AP Clinical Providers can offer telehealth services to PrEP-AP clients if they have telehealth capability. The providers identified below offer all PrEP and PEP clinical care according to CDC guidelines (PDF) remotely, and have agreed to serve PrEP-AP clients outside of their immediate jurisdiction. The three PrEP-AP Clinical Providers will serve the following regions:

Northern California:

Primary Care At Home, Inc.

Phone: (510) 822-2588

Fax: (510) 822-2589


Central and Southern California (except greater Los Angeles area):

Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo

Phone: (760) 357-2020

Fax: (760) 344-1605


Greater Los Angeles area:

East Valley Community Health Center

Phone: (855) 535-5545

(909) 620-8088

(626) 919-5724

(Ext. 3200 for all)

Fax: 909-525-9278


PrEP-AP clients who are uninsured, minors (12-17), or clients with confidentiality concerns can access telehealth services from one of our PrEP-AP Telehealth Providers. Insured clients must check with their insurance provider to determine what telehealth options are available through their insurance plan.

For eligible PrEP-AP clients who are interested in telehealth, you can follow the process outlined below to refer clients to a statewide PrEP-AP telehealth provider:

Complete the client's PrEP-AP enrollment. If applicable, complete appropriate fields of the Gilead Patient Assistance Program application and print it.

  1. Fill-out the enrollment worker section of the PrEP-AP Provider Referral Form and indicate one of the designated PrEP-AP telehealth providers as the provider the client is being referred to (see above).

  2. Securely email or fax the PrEP-AP Provider Referral Form and if applicable, the Gilead Patient Assistance Program application to the provider. The provider will complete these forms and return them to you by secure email or fax.

  3. Call the PrEP-AP Telehealth Provider to inform them of the referral and facilitate scheduling an appointment for the client, or the client can call the provider directly if preferred. Clients seeking PEP services should be scheduled for a same day appointment, or within 24 hours. Clients seeking PrEP services should be scheduled within one week contingent on client availability.

  4. If applicable, enroll the client in the Gilead Patient Assistance Program upon receipt of the completed application.

You can refer enrolled PrEP-AP clients who want to access telehealth services for PEP care directly to one of the designated PrEP-AP telehealth providers. For PrEP-AP eligible individuals who are seeking PEP services, but are not yet enrolled in PrEP-AP, please refer to the ADAP Call Center for expediated enrollment and linkage to care:

ADAP Call Center


Open M-F 8 AM-5 PM (PST), excluding holidays

Please see the attached PrEP-AP Telehealth Referral Quick Reference for more information, and utilize it when conducting telehealth referrals for PrEP-AP clients. PrEP-AP requests that you share this information with your PrEP-AP clients who currently utilize PlushCare telehealth services, or wish to utilize telehealth services for their PrEP or PEP care, as well as your clinical and leadership teams before January 2022.

If you have any questions regarding the changes to PrEP-AP telehealth services, please reach out at

Thank you,


Sharisse Kemp, MSW

ADAP Branch Chief

California Department of Public Health


1) PrEP-AP Telehealth Referral Quick Reference

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