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End of Life Option Act

Important U​pdates Regarding SB 380 and the Online Forms Portal

Changes to the End of Life Option Act (EOLA) introduced by SB 380 are not currently implemented in the EOLA Online Forms Portal. Please note the following changes to the EOLA:

  •  The Final Attestation for Aid-in-Dying Drug form included in the Online Forms Portal is no longer required. 

  • The language of the Interpreter’s Declaration is not yet updated to include gender neutral terms. 

  •  The language of the note at the bottom of the Patient's Request for Aid-in-Dying Drug has not been updated.

  •  The Attending Physician Checklist & Compliance form will display a warning message when the duration between the first and second oral requests is less than 15 days. Under SB 380, the revised waiting period between oral requests is now 48 hours. Please disregard the warning message as forms can be submitted when the warning message appears.​​

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