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Licensing AND Certification Program   

Palliative Care Pilot Program (PCPP) 
Reporting Instructions 


​PCPP Reporting Instruction Sections
​1.  Begin Submission (PDF)
​2.  Sign into your Account (PDF)
​3.  Navigating the Site (PDF)
​4.  Creating a New Report (PDF)
​5.  Facility Search (PDF)
​6.  Reporting Year Selection (PDF)
​7.  Facility Details (PDF)
​8.  PCPP Participation Status (PDF)
​9.  Designated Point of Contact (PDF)
​10.  PCPP Participation Intervals (PDF)
​11.  Number and Type of Staff (PDF)
​12.  Persons and Patients Receiving Palliative Care Services (PDF)
​13.  Source of Payment (PDF)
​14.  PCPP Patient Discharged by Reason and Length of Stay (PDF)
​15.  Hospice Admissions by Principal Diagnosis (PDF)
​16.  Complaints Received (PDF)
​17.  PCPP General Questions (PDF)
​18.  Acknowledgement Signature (PDF)
​19.  Appendix A: Source of Payment Definitions (PDF)
​20.  Appendix B: Glossary of Terms (PDF)
​21.  Appendix C: Example PCPP Report (PDF)


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