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AFL 24-16
June 19, 2024

All Health Facilities

Health Care Facility License Fee Notifications and the Annual Budget Act Process


​All Facilities Letter (AFL) Summary

This AFL informs licensees of the timing of license renewal fees for licenses that annually expire between June 30th and August 31st.

​Healthcare facility licensing fee amounts are approved during the annual Budget Act Process. If there are delays and the Budget Act is not signed by the start of the State Fiscal Year on July 1st, the applicable licensing fees will not be finalized for licenses expiring on June 30th until the date the Budget Act is signed.

The Center for Health Care Quality (CHCQ) generally sends renewal notices and applications to the facility's licensee 45-120 days prior to the license expiration date. To offset any consequences of a potential delay in the Budget Act process, CDPH will allow forty-five (45) days from the postmark of the license renewal notice to pay the licensing fee without being assessed late payment penalties.​


License Expiration DateBudget Act Signed Into LawRenewal Notice Generation DatePayment Due Date

Your current license will be honored by the California Department of Public Health as valid during this payment extension process.

For additional questions regarding the license renewal notification process, please contact CHCQ, Revenue Collection Unit at

Please forward a copy of this AFL to the person or company that normally remits payment for renewal of your health care facility license.



Original signed by Cassie Dunham

Cassie Dunham

Deputy Director​

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