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AFL 13-01
February 27, 2013

All health care facilities and providers

Notice of CDPH and DOJ Employee Impersonation

​This All Facilities Letter (AFL) serves as notice to all health care facilities and providers regulated by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) that several facilities have recently reported visitors who claimed to be representing CDPH and/or the Department of Justice (DOJ) but who were unable to provide identification as such when asked. At one facility, the impersonators asked to view contracts related to the provision of emergency care.

To date no breach of medical information has occurred, however CDPH advises all health care facilities and providers that receive visitors claiming to represent CDPH (or DOJ) to ask to view the photo-identifying badges that all CDPH and DOJ personnel on official business possess. Do not supply any patient health information, of any kind, to someone who claims to represent either CDPH or DOJ who cannot provide an identifying badge issued by the appropriate department. To do so may subject a facility to a medical breach citation.

Please report any incidents related to visitors claiming to be from CDPH or DOJ who are unable to provide a photo-identifying badge as proof of employment to your local Licensing and Certification District Office immediately. For your convenience, the list of contact numbers is available at:

District Office Contact



Original Signed by Pamela Dickfoss for

Debby Rogers, RN, MS, FAEN
Deputy Director

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