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WIC Vendor Information

Grocers that have been authorized by the WIC Program are referred to as WIC authorized vendors. WIC authorized vendors are a vital contributor to the WIC Program by helping to provide nutritious foods to women, infants and children within their community. Various data resources are available to locate WIC vendors, as well as describe redemption patterns.

WIC Mobile

The WIC Mobile website was developed to provide participants with an easy way to access WIC information from
their smartphones. The WIC Mobile website includes the following features:
  • WIC eligibility and services information
  • WIC clinic search with map
  • Days and hours of clinic operation, with local agency participant line phone number
  • WIC grocer search
  • WIC Authorized Food List
  • Issued food instruments (up to 3 months)

California WIC Program Redemption by County 2010-2018

Located on the Center for Health and Human Services Open Data Portal, this file contains data on the WIC program, specifically the number of participants who redeemed food vouchers by participant category both by county and statewide. In addition, it provides the number of food vouchers redeemed and dollar value of the food vouchers redeemed monthly in 2010 - 2018.

Current WIC Authorized Vendors

Located on the Center for Health and Human Services Open Data Portal, this dataset contains the vendor name and location of all currently active vendors authorized to offer supplemental foods to participants for redemption with WIC food instruments and vouchers. Updated nightly.

WIC Vendor Location Map Viewer

The Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (NEOP) Branch offers an interactive mapping application using an internet-based Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows users to view and query mapped WIC authorized vendor locations.

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