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Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division

About Us

​Innovation is key at MCAH, as demonstrated by its innovative structure that includes a division-wide Communications and Outreach Unit. The Team is comprised of communications specialists whose collective backgrounds include journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising and legislative analysis across nonprofits, corporations, small businesses and government agencies. In addition to communications expertise, the Team brings a wealth of experience in health care and county-state partnerships, which enables them to serve in the best interest of the State as well as Local Health Jurisdictions across all of California. ​​

Erica Root
Communications Specialist
Phone: (916) 650-0315
Todd Kerrin
Communications Specialist
Phone: (916) 327-8287
Nicolette Ricker
Communications Design Specialist
Phone: (916) 650-0326
Stefanie Lee
Web and Media Analyst
Phone: (916) 650-0330
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