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Therapy Physicists FAQs

1.  What is the difference between a TCP and TSP?

These terms are defined in regulation.  A TCP is a Therapy Calibrati​on Physicist and is authorized to perform both calibration and survey reports. A TSP is a Therapy Surve​​y Physicist ​and is only authorized to perform survey reports.

2.  Do I need to apply as a TSP, TCP, or both?

The duties and qualifications of a TCP encompass those of a TSP. If you will be doing calibrations and protection surveys, you only need to apply as a TCP. If you are only performing protection surveys, you may apply as a TSP only.

3.  Where can I find the requirements for TCP/TSP authorization?

You can find the initial requirements attached to the application here: CDPH 4256 – Initial Application (PDF)

You can find the renewal requirements attached to the application here: CDPH 4256R – Renewal Application (PDF) 

4.  How long is the application process?

Please allow up to 30 days for processing.

5.  Why do I have to pay fees for a TCP/TSP authorization?

CDPH adopted fees to cover the costs of ensuring individuals meet acceptable qualifications, maintain competence through continuing education, and for issuing and renewing authorizations.  You can review the rulemaking documents for DPH-10-007.

6.  How long is a TCP/TSP authorization valid for?

Three years.

7.  Can I submit my therapy physicist application by email?

No, therapy physicist applications must be mailed in with a check/money order due to our billing process.

8.  To whom do I address the check in my application?

Checks/money orders can be addressed to 'California Department of Public Health – Radiologic Health Branch.'

9.  I don't have a TSP/TCP number but I was previously approved to conduct therapeutic x-ray system calibrations several years ago. What requirements do I need to submit?

If you were approved prior to October 1, 2020, you are required to submit an Application for Renewal of Authorization (PDF) as a TSP/TCP and pay the renewal fee of $ 267.00. A number will be assigned to you upon renewal of authorization.

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