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Radiologic health branch (RHB)

 Radioactive Materials Licensing - Information Notices

​​The below Information Notices provide information for California Radioactive Materials Licensees.

Information Notice 17-01 (PDF)

To:            Radioactive Materials Licensees in Possession of Sealed Sources

Subject:  Disused Sealed Source Disposal.

Information Notice 18-02 (PDF)

To:             California Radioactive Materials Licensees

Subject:  Requirement for “Decommissioning Service Providers” to Have an Active Radioactive Materials License.

Information Notice 19-01 (PDF)

To:             California Radioactive Materials Licensees

Subject:  On-Line Waste Reporting System.

Information Notice 19-02  (PDF)

To:                Radioactive Materials Licensees Subject to 10 CFR Part 37

Subject:    Request for Information Regarding a Process Improvement for Fingerprint Card Results

Information Notice 19-03 (PDF)

To:              Radioactive Materials Licensees who may possess High Specific Activity Alpha Emitting Radioactive Sources

Subject:    Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information Notice 2019-05

Information Notice 19-04 (PDF)

To:             Medical Licensees Authorized to Perform 35.200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 therapeutic procedures

Subject:   Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information notices 2019-06 and 2019-07: Patient Skin Contamination Events Associated with I-131 MIBG during Neuroblastoma Treatments. 

Information Notice 20-01 (PDF) 

To:             Medical Licensees Authorized to Use Generators (10 CFR 35.200)

Subject:  Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information Notice 2019-11

Information Notice 21-01 (PDF)

To: California Radioactive Materials Licensees Authorized to Possess Portable Nuclear Gauges 

Subject: Inappropriate Activities Conducted by Portable Nuclear Gauge Service Providers

Information Notice 22-01 (PDF)

To: California Radioactive Materials Licensees Authorized to Possess Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material

Subject: Change of Fee for Submittal of Fingerprint Cards

Information Notice 22-02 (PDF: 198 KB)

To:  All Applicable Radioactive Materials Licensees and Other Entities Required to Report  Annually LLRW

Subject: Low Level Radioactive Waste Reporting Requirements for Brokers

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