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Office of Problem Gambling

About the Substance and Addiction Prevention Branch

The Substance and Addiction Prevention Branch (SAPB) currently has four primary programmatic areas:
  • Alcohol use research and harms prevention
  • Problem gambling education, prevention, and treatment
  • Overdose surveillance and prevention
  • Cannabis surveillance and youth cannabis prevention

What We Do

Alcohol Harms Prevention Initiative (AHPI)

AHPI raises awareness, conducts research, provides education, and evidence-based strategies for preventing excessive alcohol use and related harms. AHPI collaborates with partners and stakeholders to support statewide efforts to reduce the negative economic, health, and social impacts of excessive alcohol use and related harms on the lives of Californians. 

Office of Problem Gambling (OPG)

OPG provides research-driven prevention, education, and treatment services to mitigate the negative impacts of gambling disorder. OPG trains providers and educates the community on the signs and symptoms of gambling disorder; conducts statewide public awareness campaigns; and studies the epidemiology and impact of gambling disorder. OPG’s California Gambling Education and Treatment Services (CalGETS) provides no-cost treatment to people with problem gambling and those affected by gambling through a statewide network of treatment providers. Crisis management and referral to services are accessible through the CalGETS 1-800-GAMBLER helpline via call, web chat, or text.

Overdose Prevention Initiative (OPI)

OPI works on the complex and changing nature of the drug overdose epidemic through prevention and research activities. OPI collects and shares data on fatal and non-fatal drug-related overdoses, drug-related overdose risk factors, prescriptions, and substance use. Through state and local partnerships, OPI supports substance use prevention programs, harm reduction tools and strategies, public awareness and education, and safe and effective prescribing and treatment practices.

Youth Cannabis Prevention Initiative

The Youth Cannabis Prevention Initiative is comprised of the California Cannabis Surveillance System (CCSS) and the Cannabis Education and Youth Prevention Program (CEYPP). CCSS is a comprehensive public health surveillance system that monitors youth and adult cannabis use, legal, social, and environmental impacts, and clinical outcomes. CEYPP provides health education and prevention to reduce the negative impacts and consequences of cannabis use through state and local partnerships, media, and social marketing campaigns.

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