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Children's Dental Disease Prevention Program: School-Based and School-Linked Programs

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), community-clinical linkages are defined as connections between community and clinical sectors to improve population health – both working to improve the health of people and the communities in which they live.

School-based/linked dental sealant programs are examples of a community-clinical linkage model where screening, counseling, provision of topical fluoride and sealants, referral, and follow up occur in a school setting.


ASTDD School Dental Sealant Programs White Paper (PDF)

CDC School Sealant Programs

UCSF California Oral Health Technical Assistance Center

School-Based Dental Sealant Programs

Virtual Dental Home

Community Engagement and Partnership Development Through Designing a Care Coordination Program (PDF)

Community-Clinical Linkages for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases: A Practitioner's Guide (PDF)

Presentations and Webinars:

Part 1: Community-Clinical Linkages: Implementing School-Based/Linked Programs and Integrating Dental Referrals (PDF)

Part 2: Implementing School-Based/Linked Programs and Integrating Dental Referrals (PDF)

Part 3: Planning for School-Based/Linked Programs and Integrating Dental Referrals

Implementing School-Based Sealant Programs (PDF) 

Toolkit Items:

Lunch and Learn Parts 1-3_Q and A _11-5-21 (PDF)

KOHA Toolkit Working with Schools (PDF)

Sample MOU from MCAH for Working with Schools (.rtf)

Summary of Case Studies of Innovative Sealant Program Models (PDF)

School Nurses: Pocket Guide to Oral Health Screening (PDF)

School Linked Dental Program: A Guide for Local Oral Health Programs (PDF)

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