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Address (Courier Delivery):

California Department of Public Health - Food and Drug Branch

1500 Capitol Ave, MS 7602

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California Department of Public Health - Food and Drug Branch

P.O. Box 997435, MS 7602

Sacramento, CA 95899

Food Recalls

When a firm announces a food recall, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) posts the firm's announcement as a public service. 

CDPH does not endorse either the product or the firm.

Information regarding food recalls, retail distribution lists, and links to other food recall information may be found below.

For food recall questions, please contact the FDB Food Recall Coordinator at or (916) 650-6607.

More information is available on the Food Recall Resources webpage.

​If you would like information regarding a particular recall that occurred prior to the last three months, please send an email to

 Commodity Specific Recall Information

December 2017

ALDI – Dark Chocolate Bars 12/08/17 (PDF)

Creative Contract Packaging LLC – Beef Bouillon 12/05/17 (PDF)

November 2017

Farrell Farms, Inc. – Dark Chocolate Products 11/29/17 (PDF)

Virginia Diner, Inc. – Chocolate Covered Cashews 11/28/17 (PDF)

Colorado Nut Company - Trail Mixes (UPDATED) 11/22/17 (PDF)

Green Cuisine – Chicken and Turkey Salads (UPDATED) 11/18/17 (PDF)

Casa Sanchez Foods – Guacamole Products (EXPANDED) (UPDATED) 11/17/17 (PDF)

Trader Joe’s – Cilantro & Chive Yogurt Dip and Tahini Sauce (UPDATED) 11/15/17 (PDF)

Yorgo’s Foods Inc. – Various Greek-Style Food Products 11/15/17 (PDF)

Casa Sanchez Foods – Guacamole 11/15/17 (PDF)

Sukhi’s Gourmet Indian Foods – Chicken Tikka Masala Product (UPDATED) 11/14/17 (PDF)

Arise Bakery – Sourdough Products (UPDATED) 11/13/17 (PDF)

Figi’s Companies, Inc. – Dark Chocolate Gingersnap Products 11/09/17 (PDF)

Germack Roasting Co. – Dark Chocolate Almond Barks 11/07/17 (PDF)

New American Food Products, LLC – Various Packaged Goods 11/02/17 (PDF)

Aurora Products, Inc. – Dark Chocolate Products 11/1/17 (PDF)

October 2017

Shoreline Fruit, LLC – Dark Chocolate Products 10/31/17 (PDF)

21st Century Snack Foods – Dark Chocolate Almonds 10/31/17 (PDF)

DSD Merchandisers, Inc. – Dark Chocolate Almond Products 10/30/17 (PDF)

First Source – Dark Chocolate Products 10/30/17 (PDF)

Whole Foods Market – Frosted Pumpkin Drop Cookies 10/27/17 (PDF)

GKI Foods LLC – Dark Chocolate Products 10/27/17 (PDF)

Albertsons (EXPANDED) – Certain Fresh Vegetables and Cups (UPDATED) 10/24/17 (PDF)

Relish Foods, Inc. – Tuna Products (EXPANDED) (UPDATED) 10/24/17 (PDF)

Tres Latin Foods – Pupusa Products 10/23/17 (PDF)

Earthbound Farm LLC – Organic Chopped Asian Style Salad Kit 10/21/17 (PDF)

Albertsons – Certain Fresh Vegetables and Cups 10/20/17 (PDF)

Whole Foods Market – Salad Products 10/20/17 (PDF)

Mann Packing – Processed Vegetable Products (UPDATED) 10/19/17 (PDF)

Relish Foods, Inc. – Tuna Products 10/19/17 (PDF)

Stonyfield – Strawberry Soy Yogurt 10/17/17 (PDF)

Organic Spices, Inc. dba Spicely Organics – Organic Tarragon (UPDATED) 10/16/17 (PDF)

Whole Foods Market – Apple Cinnamon Hand Pies 10/13/17 (PDF)

La Terra Fina – Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan Dip & Spread 10/11/17 (PDF)

General Mills – Organic Cinnamon Raisin Granola Cereal (UPDATED) 10/09/17 (PDF)

Whole Foods Market – Organic Raisin Bran (UPDATED) 10/06/17 (PDF)

Kiriko, LLC – Dietary Supplements 10/05/17 (PDF)

Gadget Island, Inc. (EXPANDED) – Dietary Supplements 10/04/17 (PDF)

Sid Wainer & Son – Dried Chili De Arbol Peppers 10/03/17 (PDF)

September 2017

Belmont Sausage Co. – Smoked Turkey Drumstick Products (UPDATED) 09/29/17 (PDF)

Chun Yuen Trading Co. – Coffee Product 09/25/17 (PDF)

Silver Spring – Tartar Sauce (UPDATED) 09/26/17 (PDF)

First Source – Nonpareils Milk Chocolate (UPDATED) 09/20/17 (PDF)

Gadget Island Inc. – Dietary Supplements 09/20/17 (PDF)

Death Wish Coffee Co. – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 09/19/17 (PDF)

Bravo Produce Inc. – Maradol Papaya (UPDATED) 09/10/17 (PDF)

Garden of Life, LLC – Baby Probiotic Liquid Supplement (UPDATED) 09/07/17 (PDF)

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