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Food and drug branch (FDB)

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Main Telephone:

(800) 495-3232




Address (Courier Delivery):

California Department of Public Health - Food and Drug Branch

1500 Capitol Ave, MS 7602

Sacramento, CA 95814


Address (Non-Courier Delivery):

California Department of Public Health - Food and Drug Branch

P.O. Box 997435, MS 7602

Sacramento, CA 95899

Food Recalls

When a firm announces a food recall, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) posts the firm's announcement as a public service. 

CDPH does not endorse either the product or the firm.

Information regarding food recalls, retail distribution lists, and links to other food recall information may be found below.

For food recall questions, please contact the FDB Food Recall Coordinator at or (916) 650-6607.

More information is available on the Food Recall Resources webpage.

​If you would like information regarding a particular recall that occurred prior to the last three months, please send an email to

 Commodity Specific Recall Information

August 2019

Awers, Inc. – Grained Salmon Caviar 08/15/19 (pdf)

Texas Tripe, Inc. – Raw Pet Food 08/14/19 (PDF)

La Zagala Imports Inc. - Fruit Pulp Tamarin Flavor Candy in Clay Jars 08/12/19 (PDF)

PreGel America, Inc. – Lemon 50 Powdered Flavoring 08/02/19 (PDF)

July 2019

The Lennox Intl Inc. (EXPANDED) – Natural Pig Ears 07/30/19 (PDF)

Kent Quality Foods, Inc. – Teton Waters Ranch Sausage (UPDATED) 07/26/19 (PDF)

The Lennox Intl Inc. – Natural Pig Ears 07/26/19 (PDF)

Williams Foods LLC – Taco Seasoning Products 07/25/19 (PDF)

Pita Pal Foods, LP (EXPANDED) – Hummus Products (UPDATED) 07/24/19 (PDF)

Mountain Rose Herbs (MRH) – Fennel Seed Whole (UPDATED) 07/22/19 (PDF)

Elevation Foods – Ready-To-Eat Salads and Sandwiches 07/19/19 (PDF)

Super Store Industries – Sunnyside Farms Peach Yogurt (UPDATED) 07/19/19 (PDF)

Pita Pal Foods, LP – Hummus Products (UPDATED) 07/15/19 (PDF)

Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. – Shirakiku Fish Cake Products 07/15/19 (PDF)

Fieldsource Food Systems, Inc. – Diced Beef and Chicken Cubes (UPDATED) 07/14/19 (PDF)

Ada Valley Gourmet Foods, Inc. – Meatloaf Products (UPDATED) 07/13/19 (PDF)

PROBAR, LLC – Meal Replacement Bars 07/11/19 (PDF)

Pet Supplies Plus – Pig Ear Treats 07/03/19 (PDF)

June 2019

Frito-Lay – Lay’s Lightly Salted Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips 06/14/19 (PDF)

WinCo Foods, LLC – Frozen Red Raspberries 06/14/19 (PDF)

Table 87 Frozen, LLC (EXPANDED) – Prosciutto and Pizza Products 06/14/19 (PDF)

King Arthur Flour, Inc. – Unbleached All-Purpose Flour (UPDATED) 06/13/19 (PDF)

Townsend Farms, Inc. – Kirkland Signature Three Berry Blend (UPDATED) 06/11/19 (PDF)

Tyson Foods, Inc. – Chicken Fritters 06/07/19 (PDF)

The Kroger Co. – Private Selection Frozen Berries 06/07/19 (PDF)

Crave Foods – Hearthy Large Apple Pies (UPDATED) 06/03/19 (PDF)

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