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Cardiovascular Health (CVH)​ Innovation Program

​​Program Background

In 2023, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) was awarded a five-year cooperative agreement (September 2023 through September 2028) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “Cardiovascular Health Innovation Program” (CDC-RFA-DP-23-0005), known in California as the CVH Innovation Program.

​The purpose of this program is to support public health efforts in chronic disease prevention and management activities to improve the health and quality of life for Californian’s diagnosed with cardiovascular disease (CVD), hypertension (HTN), and high blood cholesterol (HBC). The CVH Innovation Program will integrate and implement health equity solutions to address the needs of priority populations that are disproportionately underserved, uninsured, and underinsured with or at risk of HTN and HBC. The priority populations include adults 18 years and older in Riverside County with particular focus on census tract levels with a prevalence of 53% or higher. 

​CVH Innovation Program’s three key strategies in Riverside County include:

  • Track and monitor clinical measures shown to improve health and wellness as well as health care quality and identify patients with HTN and HBC. 

  • ​Implement team-based care to prevent, detect, control, and manage HTN and HBC. 

  • Link community resources and clinical services that support comprehensive bidirectional referral and follow-up systems aimed at mitigating social services and support barriers for optimal health outcomes. 

The CVH Innovation Program collaborates with the Riverside County Department of Public Health and works with CDPH chronic disease prevention programs, learning collaboratives, partners, and stakeholders to improve blood pressure control, reduce HBC, and reduce disparities within populations at highest risk for CVD. The CVH Innovation Program focuses on health equity and the social determinants of health and assesses, monitors, and analyzes innovative interventions that focus on reducing health disparities among priority populations. ​

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