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Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program (CDPP) ​

Program Bac​​kground​

The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program (CDPP) is a program within the Chronic Disease Control Branch of the California Department of Public Health. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a group of heart and blood vessel disorders1​ and the #1 cause of death and disability in California2 and globally.1 High blood pressure is the leading risk factor for CVD1 so CDPP’s primary goal is to increase high blood pressure control in adults. In the coming fiscal year (7/1/2023–6/30/2024), CDPP aims to increase the percentage of adults in California with controlled high blood pressure from 58% to 61%. Increasing the number of people who successfully control and manage their blood pressure means less death and disability from CVD-related issues.

CDPP currently has three objectives to support the goal of increasing the percentage of adults in California with controlled high blood pressure:

​1. ​​Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)

Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) is the medication review process to improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient adherence, reduce drug therapy problems and reduce health care costs.3 CDPP leads a CMM Statewide Implementation Workgroup which plans, implements, and evaluates CMM projects throughout California. CDPP’​s current CMM project is a pilot in Riverside County in which we connect people who have had a stroke with a CMM team upon discharge from the hospital. The CMM team supports the patients to better manage their high blood pressure in order to prevent another stroke. Our partners on this pilot include: the University of Southern California (USC) School of Pharmacy, Desert Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy Ambulatory Health/Desert Regional Medical Center (DRMC), Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), and Vision y Compromiso (VyC). ​

2. Healthy Hearts California (HHC)

Healthy Hearts California (HHC) is a network of individuals working in heart disease and stroke prevention and control in California including state and local governments; private and nonprofit organizations; health, medical, and business communities; academic institutions; researchers; survivors; caregivers; and advocates. The vision of HHC is healthy hearts for all Californians and HHC’s mission is to reduce the risk and prevalence of heart disease and stroke among all Californians. HHC was created to was specifically created to coordinate statewide heart disease control and prevention efforts, decrease silos to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and address factors that contribute to heart disease and stroke and eliminate health disparities. These goalposts are aimed for by facilitating communication and sharing ideas among this collaborative group while looking through the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) lens and leveraging resources to support programs that improve cardiovascular health outcomes. For more information on HHC events or to become a HHC Member, please visit Healthy Hearts CA Membership

3. Updating California’s Master Plan for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Treatment

CDPP released California’s Master Plan for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Treatment in 2007 and the Plan is currently being completely overhauled and updated. CDPP has assembled a Task Force of experts, including a Task Force Chair, to provide review and comment on the existing content. This feedback will then be used to craft a restructured and modernized Plan to put California at the forefront of reducing the prevalence of CVD as well as improving the quality of life for those navigating CVD. ​Please​​ stay tuned for more information on the updated Plan including an anticipated 2024 release.

For more information on heart disease and stroke, please visit Resources for Local Health Departments and Partners. For questions about our program, please email us at​.


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