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Industrial Hemp Enrollment and Oversight (IHEO)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This webpage is the starting point for "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) in response to inquiries regarding the implementation of Assembly Bill 45 (Aguiar-Curry, 2021), as well as provide information to both educate and help successfully navigate this new program.

Provided below are links to pages with FAQs geared toward specific audiences: Consumers; Processors and Manufacturers; and Retailers and Enforcement Agencies. This information will continue to be updated to address new questions submitted to the department and to clarify existing information as the implementation of this new ​law progresses.

This webpage does not convey any specific rights or obligations for either business or the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). It contains the current information on several aspects of a new regulatory program.​

Consumer FAQs

Processor and Manufacturer FAQs

Retailer and Enforcement Agency FAQs​​​​


​​To file an incident please use the Complaint Page.

A reportable incident can be any of the following:

  • An adverse event- A troublesome or undesired medical occurrence or symptom associated with the use of a cannabis product.
  • Complaint against an IH business that can include but is not limited to retailers, processors, manufacturers or an unlicensed entity.
  • Concern with an IH product (safety, labeling, formulation, etc.)

To become involved in the rulemaking process for this new industry please ensure you have signed up for our Mailing List​ to receive updates.

List of the current authorized Industrial Hemp processors and manufacturers​.

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