Adolescent Sexual Health Education Program

Adolescent Sexual Health Education (Ash Ed)

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All California youth have the right to comprehensive sexual health education that provides them with the knowledge and skills to cultivate personal autonomy to make informed decisions, develop life skills and healthy relationships, and protect themselves from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and unintended pregnancy. The Adolescent Sexual Health Education (ASH Ed) Program supports youth to fulfill this by awarding federal and state funds to local implementing agencies (LIAs) throughout California. The ASH Ed Program offers comprehensive sexual health education that includes topics that help build self-efficacy among youth to improve partner communication, negotiation, understand consent and refusal skills, and communication with a trusted adult. In addition, the program also informs young people about eligibility and access to federal, state, and local clinical services. Locally funded agencies offer the ASH Ed Program in a variety of settings, such as mainstream middle and high schools, alternative schools, social service agencies, juvenile detention facilities, youth centers, and other community settings.

For fiscal years 2022–2025, the ASH Ed Program supports 20 LIAs with funds from the federal Personal Responsibility and Education Program (PREP) and six LIAs with additional funds from the state-funded Information and Education (I&E) Program.​​​​

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