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Prenatal screening program

California Prenatal Screening Program

The state of California offers screening during pregnancy to check your fetus for certain birth defects. It is your choice whether to have this screening. 

The California Prenatal Screening (PNS) Program makes prenatal screening available to all. If a screening result shows an increased chance of a certain birth defect, follow-up genetic counseling and diagnostic services are available at no additional cost. 

The fee for the PNS Program is $221.60. Medi-Cal, your health plan or most private health insurance pay some or most of this fee.

You should discuss your testing options with your prenatal care provider or genetic counselor. Prenatal screening will tell you if you have an increased chance of carrying a fetus with a birth defect.

PNS Program Changes

The PNS Program is changing later in 2022 to add cfDNA Screening as a primary screening test. Please see the following web pages for more information.

New! Summary of Prenatal Screening Program Changes (PDF, 2 pages)

Program Profile

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