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Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP)


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The Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) is a Medi-Cal benefit that provides a wide range of culturally competent services to pregnant individuals from conception through 60 days postpartum. In addition to standard obstetric services, patients receive enhanced services in the areas of psychosocial, health education, and nutrition.

CPSP has uniquely divided authority between the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). CDPH is responsible for CPSP provider enrollment and monitoring/oversight of the implementation of the CPSP Program. As a Medi-Cal benefit, DHCS is responsible for reimbursement to approved CPSP providers for performing CPSP services to eligible beneficiaries.

By 2024, DHCS envisions 99 percent of all Medi-Cal beneficiaries will transfer from fee-for-service (FFS) to Medi-Cal managed care (MCMC) health plans. In response to this transition, the Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs)/ Perinatal Services Coordinators (PSCs) will be transitioning away from previous duties of CPSP provider enrollment and recruitment, technical assistance/training, and monitoring/oversight of the CPSP Program.

Starting July 1, 2023, enrollment and monitoring/oversight responsibilities will be conducted by CDPH. CDPH will continue to support active CPSP providers who currently provide and bill FFS CPSP services. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

CPSP Provider Application/Pa​rticipation

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Applicant's site must be actively enrolled in Medi-Cal under an organizational National Provider Identifier (NPI) and be a CPSP-eligible provider type.
  • Applicants must have an approved CPSP Provider Application on file with CDPH/MCAH.

Update: Licensed midwives may enroll in Medi-Cal as direct/billing providers and apply as a Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program provider.

Eligible CPSP Provider Types:

  • Physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, family medicine, or general medicine
  • Physician group
  • Certified nurse midwife (CNM)
  • Licensed midwife (LM)
  • Hospital outpatient clinic
  • Community clinic
  • County clinic
  • Alternative birth center

To apply for CPSP approval:

  1. Download the current version of the CPSP Provider Application (CDPH 4448) and Additional CPSP Practitioners Form (CDPH 4448A), if applicable, from the CPSP website.
  2. Complete and submit forms CDPH 4448 and CDPH 4448A to CDPH/MCAH Division to 
    CPSP Provider Enrollment .
  3. Newly approved CPSP providers are advised to download the CPSP protocols, assessments, and individual care plan (ICP) templates listed below. The assessment/ICP templates are for the staff's use when delivering CPSP services. The protocol template and assessment/ICP templates are designed to be utilized together.
  4. Submit customized, site-specific CPSP protocols to General program inquiries within six months of application approval.

Changes to approved CPSP Protocols must be documented and filed and kept in the provider's office for audit purposes. CDPH is only collecting new CPSP provider Protocols as part of the CPSP Application process. Changes to approved CPSP Protocols may include, but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition, Psychosocial, and Health Education Assessment Tools
  • General Description of Practice
  • List of Delivery Hospitals
  • Antepartum/Intrapartum/Postpartum and Dual Provider Agreements
  • Staff updates
  • Protocol updates

New Information for all approved CPSP Providers

As part of monitoring/oversite of the CPSP Program, CDPH/MCAH will be conducting a yearly CPSP Annual Survey and will be requesting CPSP Protocols for review or audit purposes. The CPSP Annual Survey and CPSP Protocol reviews will be in lieu of the chart reviews and Administrative Reviews previously conducted by the PSCs.

CPSP Annual Survey

All approved CPSP providers will be required to complete and submit the CPSP Annual Survey beginning one year following approval as a requirement for the CPSP provider to remain in “good standing.” CPSP Annual Surveys must be completed by April 30 of each calendar year. You may access the link here for the CPSP Annual Survey​.

Protocol Changes

CDPH is not routinely collecting updates to CPSP Protocols for current CPSP providers. Updates or changes to a provider’s “Approved” CPSP Protocols must be documented and filed in the provider’s office/clinic and will be made available upon CDPH’s request for review or for CPSP audit purposes. ​

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For billing inquiries contact Medi-Cal’​​s Telephone Service Center at 1-800-541-5555.​​​​​​​​​

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