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Pre-Exercise Templates

The templates below are intended to assist exercise planners with pre-exercise documentation. All templates are Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant. Please remember these are generic templates and will require modification to fit your desired exercise needs. 

Controller/Evaluator Briefing PowerPoint Slide Deck (POWERPOINT)

  • Presents each aspect of the exercise that Controllers and Evaluators will be responsible for administering. 

Player Badge (WORD)

  • Designed to be a one page document containing all pertinent exercise information such as objectives, timelines, and exercise instructions.

Player Briefing PowerPoint Slide Deck (POWERPOINT)

  • Presentation to prepare exercise players for their role in the upcoming exercise and contains details about the exercise. 

Player Debriefing PowerPoint Slide Deck (POWERPOINT)

  • Tool used to provide exercise players with instructions on how to complete documentation of their participation in the exercise and record their observations. 

Player Handout (WORD)

  • Provides milestones, diagrams and other essential information that participants can keep readily available during the exercise, in order to maintain continuous play.

Sample Exercise Timeline (WORD)

  • Suggested list of milestone events used for planning an exercise using the HSEEP concepts of initial, midterm and final planning meetings.

Save the Date Flyer (WORD)

  • Provides an example format used to notify stakeholders and potential partners about a planned exercise.  

Scenario Blank Document (WORD)

  • A framework which can be used to help exercise planners develop a scenario for an exercise.

Exercise Templates

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