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Overdose prevention resources

​Adult Role Models and Schools
Provides resources to support adult role models communicate with youth about the risks of opioid and other substance use.
Campus Opioid Safety Act (SB 367)
Provides an overview of the Campus Opioid Safety Act and resources for public colleges and universities to meet its requirements.
​Drug Overdose Response: Partner Recommendations
​Provides recommendations and resources to statewide partners in response to increases in drug overdoses statewide.
Health Care Providers
​Provides resources for health care providers around safe opioid prescribing and medication-assisted treatment. 
People Who Use Drugs
​Provides harm reduction tips and resources for people who use drugs.
​People With Chronic Pain
Provides resources to support people with chronic pain, including opioid and non-opioid treatment options and considerations.
​Young Adults
​Provides opioid and substance use prevention resources for young adults (ages 18–25).

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