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Opioid and substance use prevention resources for young adults.

Young adults (ages 18–25) may use drugs for a variety of reasons. However, using drugs for any reason can lead to drug misuse or accidental overdose. Drug misuse can result in dependency, overdose, or other negative health effects. If you are concerned that you or someone in your life may be misusing drugs, there are resources available to help. It is important to know that asking for help is normal. Below are resources available to help you understand substance misuse, substance use disorder, how to talk to friends who may be struggling with substance misuse, and get help.

Save a Friend's Life: Find Naloxone

Young Adults: It's Okay to Ask for Help 

This website offers resources to help young adults who may be concerned about themselves or someone they know who uses substances or struggles with mental health. Source: SAMHSA

Tips to Prevent Youth Opioid Misuse (PDF)

This guide provides information about tips about opioids, including what to do if you have extra pills around the house, and how to tell if a friend is misusing opioids. Source: Campus Drug Prevention, United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

Guide: Starting the Conversation (PDF)

This guide includes conversation starters for talking to a friend who is showing signs of substance misuse. Source: SAMHSA

Youth Engaged 4 Change

This website provides youth-focused resources and opportunities that inspire and empower young people to make a difference in their lives and in the world around them by improving their knowledge and leadership skills.

What Happens When Drugs Are Combined?

This video discusses the health risks and unintended consequences of mixing substances like alcohol and prescription medications. Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Why are Drugs so Hard to Quit?

This video explores why many people find it difficult to control or stop drug use. Source: NIDA

Campus Opioid Safety Act

Learn how California community colleges and universities are providing overdose prevention education and naloxone on campuses.

Resources for People With Chronic Pain

This website provides resources on opioid and non-opioid treatments for chronic pain, and for discussing treatment options with your doctor.

Resources for People Who Use Drugs

This website offers resources for safer and managed drug use to prevent death, injury, disease, and overdose.

Treatment Locator

Confidentially and anonymously find information for substance misuse treatment and mental health support. Source: SAMHSA

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