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CDPH Launches New Opioid Resource Website

December 14, 2023

Spread Awareness, Save Lives: is California's Comprehensive Resource on Ways to Support People Impacted by the Opioid Epidemic 

​What You Need​​ to Know: California has launched a new, one-stop-shop website for Californians to access the latest information on the opioid epidemic, the state's efforts to save lives, and life-saving resources. This builds on Governor Newsom's multi-pronged approach to combat the crisis by connecting people with resources and treatment. 

Sacramento  The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) today launched an all-new, comprehensive opioid website that gives Californians a single source of prevention, data, treatment, and support information. The website,, is part of Governor Newsom’s multi-pronged approach to connect Californians with information to prevent and reduce overdoses and deaths and support those struggling with substance use and addiction.   

“Spreading awareness saves lives, and for the first time we are pulling together all of our opioid information in one place to help educate and protect our families and communities,” said CDPH Director and State Public Health Officer, Dr. Tomás Ar​​agón.“Fighting the opioid epidemic requires a broad response at many levels of government, which can be challenging for everyday people to navigate. This site pulls all those efforts together into one place for youth, adults, care providers, schools and parents. In support of Governor Newsom's master plan (PDF) ​to tackle opioids, CDPH is excited to launch this all-encompassing website to spread awareness, increase education, provide resources, and help save lives. 

Overdoses Affects All of Us​​​​: Nearly 7,000 Californians died from opioid-related overdoses in 2022 and opioids are a main driver of drug overdose deaths in the U.S. The new, easy-to-navigate site provides valuable information and education on preventing and treating opioid overdoses and substance use disorders, which is are crucial steps in fighting the ongoing epidemic across the country.    

The website, includes five main sections:  

  •  Ab​out: Comprehensive background on opioids and fentanyl, the serious harms they can cause, and the history of the opioid crisis.  
  • Prevention: Prevention methods and strategies that anyone can use, including step-by-step guidance for responding to a suspected or confirmed opioid overdose.  
  • Data & Information: The latest overdose and substance abuse and misuse data and trends.  
  • Treatment & Support: Resources for those struggling with, or supporting someone with, an opioid use disorder.  
  • California Action: Details on California's efforts to tackle the opioid epidemic, including enforcement actions targeting traffickers and dealers.    

Overdose ​Prevention Grants: Coinciding with the launch of​​, the state is awarding nearly $8 million ​in grants to local organizations​ to implement evidence-based and community-driven public health interventions for preventing overdose from fentanyl and other opioids.  

The grants have been allocated to six organizations across the state, including two in Northern California, two in the Central Valley and two in Southern California. These grants will assist efforts to increase education, testing, recovery and support services. 

How CDPH Is Taking Action: In March 2023, Governor Newsom announced the state's Master Plan (PDF) for tackling opioids in California, including over $1 billion in funds to curb opioid use and abuse. As a part of this plan and in addition to awarding these grants, CDPH has launched its all-new website, began the first phase of a comprehensive opioid education and awareness campaign, implemented the Campus Opioid Safety Act, developed and distributed various promotional and information assets, and more.  

For additional information on opioids, please visit CDPH's all-new California's Opioid Response website.  ​​​

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