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Online/Distance Learning

Nurse Assistant Training program (NATP)

Educational Institution Application Requirements

Public Educational Institution means a community college, university, a regional occupation center, a high school, an adult education center, accredited school of professional nursing or accredited school of vocational nursing whose certified nurse assistant training programs have been approved by the Department of Health Services or the Department of Consumer Affairs and offered by the Department of Education.

Agency means a private school, organization or individual approved by the Department to provide a continuing education course and a certification training program for nurse assistants. (ELRU currently does not process continuing education course applications.)

Synchronous classes are live where students and instructors interact in a specific virtual place at a set time. Instructors commonly take attendance as they would in a lecture hall. These classes are conducted via a video conference or live-streamed lecture.

Asynchronous classes are self-paced and closely monitored by the NATP instructor. Students must regularly interact with the instructor to be evaluated on their understanding of each module. These classes are conducted via narrated lectures and the students complete these within a given schedule. 

Educational Institution Initial Application Requirements

Please submit the following:

When applying, changing, or renewing a program, applicants should use the current version of forms and instructions provided in this website.

  • CDPH E276 (PDF) – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Application
  • CDPH E276A (PDF) – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Skills Checklist
  • CDPH E276B (PDF) – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Daily Clinical Schedule
    • Please submit a daily theory and clinical instruction schedule
  • CDPH E276C (PDF) – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Individual Student Record
  • CDPH E276D (PDF) – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Disclosure of Ownership (This form is not available for use)
  • CDPH E276E (PDF) (For educational institutions only) – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Clinical Site Agreement
  • CDPH E276P (PDF) – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Policies and Procedures
    • A review and revision policy
    • A job description policy with an organizational chart 
    • An instructor monitoring policy with an instructor monitoring tool 
    • An instructor availability policy
    • A clinical student to instructor ratio policy
    • An attendance and assignments policy
    • An equipment failure policy
    • A virtual student handbook policy
    • A record keeping and statistics gathering policy
    • A personal information protection policy
  • CDPH E279 (PDF) – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Instructor or Director of Staff Development Application
  • A copy of the Training Curriculum - The curriculum must meet all the requirements listed in HSC 1337.1(b)(3), HSC 1337.1(b)(4), HSC 1337.3(c)(2)(A), HSC 1337.3(c)(3), Title 22 CCR section 71835(n), and Title 42 CFR 483.152(a)(2) and (b) 
  • Lesson Plans - All lesson plans
  • Exams – All exams and answer keys
  • Crosswalk - A document relating each section of the proposed curriculum to the requirements listed in Title 22 CCR 71835(n), HSC 1337.1(b)(3), HSC 1337.1(b)(4), HSC 1337.3(c)(2)(A), HSC 1337.3(c)(3), Title 42 CFR section 483.152(a)(2) and (b)
  • Learning Management System - A reviewable online learning management system that is developed enough so that it can be assessed in a consumer-level format upon application
    • CDPH must be notified prior to any alterations to the Learning Management System
  • A business license when applicable.

Educational Institution Program Update Application Requirements

When updating an approved NATP:

Educational Institution Renewal Application Requirements

  • CDPH E276R (PDF) – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Renewal Application
  • All online NATPs must renew their programs every two years.
  • When renewing an approved NATP, applicants must meet all initial online application requirements outlined at the beginning of this page.
  • Renewal applications should be submitted 150 to 120 days prior to the expiration of the program to ensure there is no interruption in the program's operation during the renewal application review time.  

You may contact the eLearning Review unit at or call (916) 552-9967


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