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California Phlebotomy Certificate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Effective April 9, 2003, all persons performing phlebotomy who are not California-licensed physicians, nurses, clinical lab scientists, or other licensed professionals whose scope of practice does not include phlebotomy must be certified as a phlebotomist before they can draw blood. Certified medical assistants can draw blood in a physician’s office.

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The laboratory or medical director of the laboratory where you were employed, who must be either a licensed doctor of medicine (MD), licensed doctor of osteopathy (DO), or licensed clinical laboratory bioanalyst (CLB), must certify in writing that this experience has been completed using the Phlebotomist Applicant Letter of Experience 2023(PDF)​​. The form must list your dates of employment and the approximate number of phlebotomy procedures performed. The form must also include the laboratory’s CLIA license number and the laboratory or medical director’s license number.

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