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California Out-of-State Clinical Laboratory License

Who should apply?

    • Laboratories that are physically located outside of California.
    • Laboratories that perform diagnostic testing on specimens originating in California.
    • Laboratories performing moderate and/or high complexity testing on specimens originating in California.

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Out-of-State Initial Application Requirements

For sites located in states outside California, upload the appropriate documents and information requirements in your online application.


Important Reminders

  • All forms must be completed, filled out and dated. Supporting documents may be submitted in electronic format.
  • Complete all applicable sections of the forms and provide dated signatures where required. Supporting documents may be submitted via email to Incomplete forms, missing information, and/or insufficient documentation will delay processing.
  • After our initial review, applicants will be given 30 days to correct any deficiencies. Failure to satisfy the Department's requirements will result in the abandonment of the application and/or termination of the license.
  • The application fee is non-refundable and will not be credited to your account if the application is abandoned, denied, or withdrawn.


Contact Details

For questions please contact:
By email: 
By telephone: (510) 620-3800


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