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How to Reactivate a License (User Manual)

If the license has been expired for more than 60 days, follow these steps to submit an application to reactivate:​

Please note: Make sure the license is already linked to your account. If not, link it first before proceeding. Refer to the manual on how to link: Search and Link​​.​​​

  1. After logging in, on the welcome screen, look for the business that has the State ID you are reactivating, and click “View.” Then, proceed to step 5.
  2. business box showing the View button
  3. If you have a long list of businesses, you may search for the State ID by clicking “Search for License/Application.”
  4. Type the State ID and click “Search.” Note: If there is no result, link the site first and search again.
  5. On the search result, click the Business ID to go to the business dashboard.
  6. search screen for state id
  7. On the business dashboard, click “Start New Application” in the Options box.
  8. Start New Application link in Options box
  9. Select the site you want to reactivate. Then, click “Next” and proceed with the application. Take note of the Application ID (APL-xxxxx).
  10. Select site and Next button
      • The application will require you to: 
        • ​Edit the Business Information
        • Edit the Testing Site Information
        • Upload the required documents. 
        • Proceed to Checkout. 
        • Pay and submit application for review. ​


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