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​​​​DPH-22-020 Limited Podiatric Radiography Permit

Information and documentation pertaining to this regulatory proposal is provided below.

S​ections Affected

California Code of Regulations: Title 17
Sections: 30400, 30403, 30405, 30408, 30409, 30411, 30418, 30419, 30426, 30427, 30427.2, 30427.3, 30435, 30436, 30437, 30442, 30443, 30444, 30447

H​istory of the Rulemaking Proceeding

This Rulemaking initiated a 30-Day Public Comment Period. The 30-Day Comment Period closed on June 12, 2023. Comments received were considered by the Department and the final regulations were​ filed with the Office of Administrative Law for Publication in the California Code of Regulations. 

​Current Status of the Emergency Proposal

This rulemaking has been approved by the Office of Administrative Law and is effective as of  July 1, 2023.​

Inquiries regarding the substance of these regulations may be directed to:
Dawn Basciano
California Department of Public Health
Office of Regulations

​Rulemaking Documentation

30-Day Comment Period Documentation​ (PDF)

Proposed Regulatory Text (PDF)​

Informative Digest​ (PDF)

Initial Statement of Reasons​ (PDF)​​​

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