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climate change & health equity

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​​Technical Assista​​​nce for Tribes​​

Dancers and audience watchingDancers at California Native American Day celebration in front of the State Capitol, 2023.

The Local Assistance Unit of the Climate Change and Health Equity Branch provides climate and health equity technical assistance to local health jurisdictions (LHJs) and Tribes. We equip LHJs and Tribes to serve their own populations and forge partnerships that increase overall capacity to mitigate and build resilience​ to climate change. Our work connects California LHJs and Tribes with each other and with CDPH to share resources, strategies, best practices, opportunities, and mutual support through barriers and challenges.

Menu of Technical Assistance

The Climate Change Local Assistance Unit provides the following kinds of technical assistance to California Tribes, tribal-serving organizations, and In​​digenous communities:

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One-On-One Cons​​ultation​
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Explore on Your Own
CalBRACE Climate Change Toolkit (
This collection of tools, reports, and guides helps local health jurisdictions and communities understand​ and plan to address the health risks of climate change.
Climate and Health Vulnerability Indicators for California (CCHVIz)
Interactive data visualization platform for the Climate Change & Health Vulnerability Indicators for California.
Healthy Mobility Options Tool
Shows the health co-benefits of active travel as a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
California Heat Assessment Tool (
Shows projected heat-health events across the state.
California County Climate and Health Profile Reports
The reports present projections for county and regional climate impacts, the climate-related health risks, and local populations that could be vulnerable to climate effects​.

​We can advise with:

  • ​​​Embedding health and climate considerations into planning projects

  • Accessing relevant state and federal data

  • Identifying funding sources to carry out a wide range of efforts that can promote health and address climate change impacts

  • Implementing related plans, programs, and projects

  • E​​valuating related plans, programs, and projects

​​Examples of pl​​anning projects we can assist with might include:

  • Input and data collection to identify values, threats, vulnerabilities, and adaptive strengths

  • Analyzing, communicating, and sharing vulnerability assessment findings

  • Creating climate and health plans, such as climate adaptation and mitigation plans

  • Integrating health and climate content into Tribal or Local Hazard Mitigation Plans (HMPs), housing and land use planning, or Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs)

  • Analyzing local, state, and federal climate and health related policies, regulations, and plans

  • Cultivating food sovereignty via Land Back strategies, agroecology, or wildlife management

  • Planning for resilience and recovery actions such as building housing, community health centers, and critical infrastructure that has been or could be impacted by climate-related events

  • Planning for renewable energy infrastructure or a local microgrid to improve energy sovereignty, energy security, and affordability

  • Identifying and networking with internal and external partners like local health jurisdictions​, health providers, tribal departments, and community members

​We acknowledge tribal sovereignty over trib​​​al lands, private knowledge, and data. We will support Tribes in protecting and uplifting such rights and sovereignty, including rights to data, knowledge, materials and publications developed with our assistance​. ​

CDPH staff at State Capitol 

CDPH staff who​ provide support to Tribes at California Native American Day, 2023.​​​​

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Resources & Tools

Resources and tools for protecting and promoting public health and equity in the face of climate change.


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