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PrEP Assistance Program Header

PrEP-AP Benefits​​

Fully enrolled PrEP-AP clients can access these services at no cost:

Rapid ART
STI Treatment
STI Prevention
PrEP Initiation
​PrEP-Related Office Visits & Services

PrEP-AP will cover the remaining costs for these services after third party payers, such as insurance and pharmaceutical assistance programs, have been utilized. Your Enrollment Worker will assist you in applying for an additional assistance program, if required.

The PrEP-AP benefit includes the medications detailed in the PrEP-AP Formulary, and the services included in the Allowable PrEP Related Medical Services.

Clients enrolled as uninsured clients, minor clients, or clients with confidentiality concerns must receive PrEP-related medical services at approved locations within OA's PrEP-AP Provider Network. Clients enrolled as insured musts receive PrEP-related medical services from a provider in their health plan's network.

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