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MAC Membership Information

ADAP MAC CommunityMembership Letter​


ADAP is a federally funded program within the Office of AIDS (OA) that pays for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) related drugs for eligible Californians. The ADAP formulary consists of federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved antiretroviral drugs and other drugs necessary for treatment of HIV and opportunistic infections and the overall health of the clients ADAP serves. California (CA) Health and Safety Code (HSC) §120955(2) directs ADAP to establish a MAC that will consult with OA to develop and maintain the drug formulary. The primary role of the MAC is to review the program formulary to evaluate and provide input on medications used in the treatment of HIV, opportunistic infections, and the treatment of related medical and mental health conditions, including co-morbidities such as hepatitis. As required by HSC 120966(a)(1), the ADAP MAC also reviews and discusses medications approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of HIV, and  provides recommendation of approval on which antiretroviral medications should be added to the ADAP formulary as additional treatment options.

ADAP MAC Member Selection Process

Information collected on the MAC application is used to determine if your personal and/or professional experience makes you an eligible and/or suitable candidate to serve as a member of the ADAP MAC. Note: Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be reviewed by the OA Division Chief or designee. Candidates will be notified of the determination via e-mail within four weeks of submitting a complete application.

ADAP makes every effort to ensure that the MAC consists of health care professionals or individuals who will contribute expertise and/or experience which will benefit the program and the population it serves including HIV-specialized physicians, pharmacists, psychiatrists, treatment advocacy representatives, and affected community members. ADAP also makes every effort to ensure that its MAC members reflect the rich diversity of its clients. To assist in this effort, ADAP MAC applicants will be asked to respond to questions related to the applicant’s demographics on the ADAP MAC Membership Application.

Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act

ADAP MAC is subject to the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act, CA Government Code §11120 - §11132, which requires all meetings to be open and public. All new ADAP MAC members will be provided a copy of the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act upon appointment.

Statement of Economic Interests

ADAP MAC members meet the standard under which members of such committees are required to file the Statement of Economic Interests, “Form 700”, under the authority of Title 2, California Code of Regulations Section 18701(a)(1). ADAP MAC members are required to file the “Form 700” with their ADAP MAC application and annually thereafter. An application will be considered incomplete without the completed “Form 700” attached.

HIV Community Member – Disclosure Authorization Requirement

To ensure its HIV positive population is appropriately represented, ADAP makes every effort to recruit and have a minimum of one HIV positive community member to serve as a member of the ADAP MAC. An HIV positive individual who applies to serve as an ADAP MAC member must be aware that their HIV status may become known due to their participation on the ADAP MAC. For this reason, individuals who apply to serve based on their HIV positive status will be required to sign an Applicant Acknowledgement and Consent Form, agreeing to hold CDPH/OA harmless for any disclosure which is a result of their term as an ADAP MAC member.

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