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January 18, 2024

Office of AIDS Community Partners and Stakeholders

ADAP Medical Advisory Committee Recruitment

​​​The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Office of AIDS (OA) is presently recruiting for people interested in taking part in the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) as a voting member. The MAC consists of health care professionals or individuals including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-specialized physicians, pharmacists, psychiatrists, treatment advocacy representatives, and community representatives who contribute expertise and/or experience to benefit the program and the population it serves.​​

The primary role of the MAC is to review the program formulary, evaluate available HIV/ AIDS related drugs in addition to medications used in the treatment of opportunistic infections, and make recommendations for changes to the program formulary. The established vision for the MAC is: “ADAP will make available, in an effective and timely manner to people living with HIV, pharmaceutical and other treatments which are reliably expected to increase survival, reduce mortality, and improve quality of life."

CDPH is committed to ensuring the composition of our MAC membership is reflective of the communities affected by HIV. CDPH seeks to add two or more committee members living with HIV and encourages those who identify as HIV-positive to apply to serve as a community advocate. Those who wish to apply for a community advocate position must be aware that their HIV-positive status may become known due to their participation on the MAC and are required to sign an Applicant Acknowledgement and Consent Form, agreeing to hold CDPH/OA harmless for any disclosures.

Community advocates are an integral part of the ADAP MAC as they represent the voices and perspectives of people affected by HIV in California. The MAC is critical in making informed decisions that affect the ADAP formulary through a collaborative effort of HIV-specialized professionals, community members, and state representatives. In order to ensure that the membership reflects the principles of parity, inclusion, and representation on a statewide basis, while at the same time promoting connection and collaboration, CDPH/OA requests that members serve a two-year or four-year membership term.

MAC members will be expected to meet four times a year, in person or virtually. If necessary to meet legal requirements, presence is expected at additional meetings to vote on adding medications that receive Food and Drug Administration approval in between scheduled MAC meetings.

If you are interested in applying for membership in the ADAP MAC, please email your request for an application to

For more information regarding the ADAP MAC, please see the ADAP Medical Advisory Committee webpage​.


Marisa Ramos, Ph. D

Division Chief, CDPH Office of AIDS

Philip Peters, MD

MAC Committee Chair, CDPH Office of AIDS Medical Officer

Joseph Lagrama

ADAP Branch Chief, CDPH Office of AIDS

James Vo

ADAP and PrEP-AP Formulary Specialist, CDPH Office of AIDS

Please note that information requested on the application includes optional self-disclosure of HIV status. If provided, this information will be protected as a confidential HIV-related record, and its collection will comply with the Information Practices Act under California Civil Code section 1798.17.