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Obtaining Certified Copies of ​​Birth Certificates

The California Department of Public Health – Vital Records (CDPH-VR) maintains a permanent, public record of every birth that has occurred in California since July 1905.

Certified birth records are $29 per copy.

Processing Times for Birth Certificates

CDPH-VR's estimated processing times for certified copies of birth certificates are listed below, which may occasionally increase as the volume of requests increases. The processing time begins when CDPH-VR receives your request. County Recorder Offices can sometimes process requests faster than CDPH-VR.

If birth occurred:

1905 - 1957

Type of RequestTime to Process
Electronic Submission5 to 7 Weeks
Mail-In Request5 to 7 Weeks


1958 - Present

Type of RequestTime to Process
Electronic Submission5 to 7 Weeks
Mail-In Request5 to 7 Weeks

Requesting a Certified Copy

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