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Medical Marijuana identification Card Program

Patient, Primary Caregiver, Medi-Cal and CMSP Card Data

Cards Issued



Primary Caregiver



​Fiscal Year 2019-20

Fiscal Year 2018-19​4,8074,551​​2561,684​​19
Fiscal Year 2017-187,3856,9814042,46025
Fiscal Year 2016-176,0515,6434082,041
Fiscal Year 2015-166,6676,2584092,210No Data
Fiscal Year 2014-156,4906,0574331,995No Data
Fiscal Year 2013-146,170  5,7684021,428No Data
Fiscal Year 2012-136,1945,7983961,304No Data
Fiscal Year 2011-127,8017,3244771,963No Data
Fiscal Year 2010-1110,2939,8864072,129No Data
Fiscal Year 2009-1012,65911,5751,0842,895No Data
Fiscal Year 2008-099,2198,1121,1072,965No Data
Fiscal Year 2007-088,355 7,3211,0343,076No Data
Fiscal Year 2006-0710,274 8,9811,2933,260No Data
Fiscal Year 2005-064,1503,5935571,346No Data
Fiscal Year 2004-05857213No DataNo Data
Total Issued To Date107,05298,3468,70630,91550


*Medi-Cal numbers are a subset of and included in the Patient Totals.

**County Medical Services Program (CMSP) numbers are a subset of and included in the Patient Totals.

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