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Training Program Review Unit Contact Information​

TPRU representatives are no longer assigned to specific counties. Now, one team serves all of California.

As our unit progresses towards automation, TPRU is phasing out sending letters and notices by U.S. mail and is sending correspondence by email to expedite communication.

For Forms and General Information

Please go to the TPRU website for program information.

For a list of all TPRU forms, please visit the TPRU Forms webpage.


Email your questions and application status inquiries to us at One of our representatives will contact you in response to your questions.

Please always remember to include the following information in the body of your email along with a brief message:

  • Provider Name
  • Program ID Number
  • Contact Name(s)
  • Contact E-mail Address(es)

Application Submissions

NEW: Effective January 1, 2022, all training program applications and documents must be EMAILED to the TPRU mailbox at or FAXED to 916-636-6760. This change supports the Department's efforts to promote paperless communication. Applications received by U.S. MAIL after January 1, 2022 will NOT be accepted or returned, and the sender will need to resubmit their application via email or fax for it to be processed. 

Once a staff member is assigned to your application, they will contact you at that time if additional documents or information is needed.

Applications submitted with all required documents are immediately put in the queue for processing and are processed in the order of date received. Always use the most current TPRU forms when submitting your application. 

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