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Licensing and certification

All Facilities Letters - Released 2013

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Bulletin NumberFacility Type Affected​Subject​Release Date​
AFL 13-01​All Facilities and Providers​Notice of CDPH and DOJ Employee Impersonation​02/27/2013

​AFL 13-02 (Unavailable)

​General Acute Care Hospitals​Revised Procedures for Mandated Reporting of Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination​03/01/2013
​AFL 13-03 
(Superseded - see AFL 21-18)
​General Acute Care Hospitals​Revised Requirements for Reporting to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) National Health Care Safety Network (NHSN)​03/04/2013
AFL 13-04​All Licensed and Certified Facilities, Clinics or Agencies​Medi-Cal Provider-Preventable Conditions Reporting Guidance​03/14/2013

​AFL 13-05 

​All Licensed Health Care Facilities​New Health Facility Category: Hospice Facility​05/01/2013
AFL 13-06​Intermediate Care Facilities for the Intellectually Disabled​No Longer Certified Under Time-Limited Agreements​04/15/2013
AFL 13-07​All Facilities​Establishment of the Small House Skilled Nursing Facility Pilot Program​02/13/2013
AFL 13-08​General Acute Care Hospitals
Acute Psychiatric Hospitals
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Intermediate Care Facilities
Home Health Agencies
Primary Care Clinics
Psychology Clinics
Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled
Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled - Habilitative
Psychiatric Health Facilities
Adult Day Health Centers
Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospitals
​Nationwide Shortage of Tuberculin Skin Test Antigens​04/22/2013
AFL 13-09​​All Facilities​Influenza A (H7N9) Virus - Health Alert​04/25/2013
AFL 13-10​​All Facilities​Hot Summer Weather Advisory​04/25/2013

​AFL 13-11 (Unavailable)

​​All Facilities​Diet Manuals, Orders, and Menus Must Meet Patient's Nutritional Needs and Disaster Menu Planning​05/03/2013
AFL 13-12​​All Facilities​New online California Healthcare Event and Reporting Tool (CalHEART)​02/11/2013
AFL 13-13​All Facilities​Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-Health Alert​05/29/2013

​AFL 13-14 (Unavailable)

​All Health Care Facilities Licensed by the California Department of Public Health Licensing and Certification Program under California Health and Safety Code Section 1266​Proposed Fiscal Year 2013/14 Health Facility Licensing Fee Report​02/05/2013
AFL 13-15​Acute Psychiatric Hospitals
Adult Day Health Centers
Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospitals
Correctional Treatment Centers
General Acute Care Hospitals
Home Health Agencies
Intermediate Care Facilities
Intermediate Care Facilities/ Developmentally Disabled
Intermediate Care Facilities/ Developmentally Disabled-Habilitative
Primary Care Clinics
Psychology Clinics
Skilled Nursing Facilities
​Regulatory Changes to Tuberculosis Screening and Testing​06/13/2013
​AFL 13-16​Home Health Agencies
Hospice Providers
​The Processing of all Home Health Agency and Hospice Provider Applications​06/21/2013

​AFL 13-17 (Unavailable)

​General Acute Care Hospitals (GACH) Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)
Surgical Clinics
​Procedural Sedation Policies and Procedures​07/05/2013

​AFL 13-18 (Unavailable)

​All Facilities​Fiscal Year (FY) 2013-2014 License Renewal Fee Schedule Notification​07/11/2013

​AFL 13-19 (Pending)

​Skilled Nursing Facilities​Optional Services and Posting of Licenses​07/23/2013

​AFL 13-20 (Unavailable)

​Skilled Nursing Facilities for MDS Coordinators, Directors of Nursing and Administrators​California MDS Nuggets May 2013 Newsletter​07/26/2013
AFL 13-21​All Adult Day Health Centers (ADHCs)​Licensing and Certification Program (L&C) District Office Contact for Entity-Reported Incidents (ERIs) and Complaints​08/23/2013
AFL 13-22​Certified Skilled Nursing Facilities
Certified Nursing Facilities
​Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 Discharge Assessments That Have Not Been Completed and/or Submitted​09/13/2013
AFL 13-23​All Facilities​Health Alert Update - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus​10/22/2013

​AFL 13-24 (Unavailable)

​Nursing Home Administrators​Nursing Home Administrator Program Fees​10/24/2013

​AFL 13-25 (Unavailable)

​Skilled Nursing Facilities
Nursing Facilities
​California Continuing Campaign to Improve Dementia Care and Reduce Unnecessary Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes​11/18/2013
AFL 13-26​General Acute Care Hospitals
Primary Care Clinics
​Human Trafficking: Public Posting Requirements​11/22/2013
AFL 13-27​All Facilities​New Collection Address for Licensing and Certification Program Enforcement Penalties​11/22/2013
AFL 13-30​Primary Care Clinics​Winter Weather Emergency Preparedness Advisory​11/22/2013
AFL 13-31​General Acute Care Hospitals, Acute Psychiatric Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospitals, Congregate Living Health Facilities, Correctional Treatment Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled (IFC/DD), IFC/DD - Habilitative, ICF/DD - Nursing, IFC/DD - Continuous Nursing​Winter Weather Emergency Preparedness Advisory​12/05/2013
​AFL 13-32​All Clinics​Adverse Event Reporting for Accredited Outpatient Settings​12/18/2013
AFL 13-33​All Primary Care Clinics​AB 980 Primary Care Clinics, Building Codes and Abortion Services​12/18/2013

​AFL 13-34 (Unavailable)

​All Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (CORF)​Annual Request of CORF Locations​12/18/2013
AFL 13-35​All Facilities​Abrams Royal Pharmacy Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall​12/24/2013
AFL 13-36​Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmentally Disabled, Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmentally Disabled - Habilitative, Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmentally Disabled - Nursing, Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmentally Disabled - Continuous Nursing, Congregate Living Health Facilities, Adult Day Health Care Centers, State Hospitals​Absentee Notification Plans​12/27/2013
AFL 13-37​General Acute Care Hospitals​Patient Transfer: Non-Medical Reasons: Notification​12/30/2013

​AFL 13-38 
(Superseded - see AFL 14-11)

​Skilled Nursing Facilities​Informed Consent​12/31/2013
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