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Licensing and Certification

 Hemodialysis Technician Program Applicants

The following items must be submitted for application consideration:

  • Hemodialysis Technician/Patient Care Technician Training Program Application (CDPH 391) (PDF) (Revised 03/19)
    • Note: At this time TPRU is NOT accepting initial applications for hemodialysis technician training programs from schools or other educational institutions, due to insufficient regulatory oversight.  (TPRU continues to accept initial applications from dialysis clinics.)
    • CHP program outline.
    • List all current instructors on CDPH 391 even if previously approved.
      • Resume(s) for each new RN instructor along with a copy of his or her RN license.
        Note: The resume must verify 2 years of RN experience and one of which must be as a Hemodialysis RN.
      • Important Update: There must be a valid resume on file with the Department for all Department approved training program Instructors.
    • Copy of the CHT Clinical skill checklist (Initial applications only or if there is a change).
    • Copy of the CHT competency test (Initial applications only or if there is a change)
    • Contact Information Form (CDPH 193) (PDF) (Revised 12/19)

How to submit your application:

Fax: 916-636-6760
Do NOT send by mail.
Visit the TPRU Website for more information.

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