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Trauma Scene Waste Management Practitioners

A trauma scene waste management practitioner is a person who undertakes as a commercial activity the removal of human blood, human body fluids, and other associated residues from the scene of a serious human injury, illness, or death. A practitioner shall register with the California Department of Public Health and shall follow Chapter 9.5, commencing with Section 118321, of the California Health and Safety Code, of the Medical Waste Management Act (PDF)

A trauma scene waste management practitioner must also provide proof of a contractual relationship with a registered transporter or the permitted medical waste facility that will receive the trauma scene waste. For renewals, also provide recent proof of proper disposal. For your convenience, the following lists are provided:

A practitioner who submits a completed CDPH 8668A - Trauma Scene Waste Management Practitioner Application (PDF), and the current registration fee (PDF) will appear on the Registered Trauma Scene Management Practitioners list and be issued a registration.

Submit the completed application and a check made payable to the “Medical Waste Management Fund” to:

California Department of Public Health

Medical Waste Management Program
MS 7405, IMS K-2
P.O. Box 997377,
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377

Medical Waste Management Program

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