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Health Effects of Excessive Alcohol Use


Immediate and Long-Term Health Effects​

Provides an overview of the immediate and long-term health effects of excessive alcohol use.
Differences Among Women and Men Provides an overview of how alcohol use impacts women and men differently.​
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy or Nursing Describes the health risks of drinking alcohol while pregnant or nursing.
Underage Drinking​​
Provides a brief overview of the risks of alcohol use to those under age 21.
Alcohol Poisoning Describes the causes, signs, and symptoms of alcohol poisoning.
Mixing Alcohol with Other Drugs Describes the risks of mixing alcohol with other substances or medications.
Hangovers Provides an overview of the causes and symptoms of hangovers and tips to prevent hangover symptoms.
Alcohol Use Disorder​
Provides an overview of alcohol use disorder, factors that increase the risk, and symptoms. ​​
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