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Test Order - Anaplasma phagocytophilum (HGE) - Serology

​Information Category
​Information Detail
​Supplemental Information Required
​Travel history, symptoms, exposures (including animals, arthropods, etc), disease onset, clinical summary, antibiotic therapy (drug name, dates of therapy)
​Submittal Form
​VRDL General Purpose Specimen Submittal Form
​Methodology (Commercial Test Name or Laboratory Developed Test (LDT))
​IFA: IgG (Commercial Test)(Diagnostic)
​Reflex Testing
​Acceptable Specimen Type(s) and Collection Method
​Human specimens: 
  • Serum: serum tubes (red top) or serum separator tubes (red/gray top)
​Minimum Volume Required
​Serum: 1 ml
Whole blood in serum separator tubes: 3-5 ml 
​Storage & Preservation of Specimen / Shipping Conditions
​Delivery to VRDL ≤72 hrs: 2°- 8°C / cold pack
Delivery to VRDL >72 hrs: -70°C / dry Ice
​Transport Medium
​Not Applicable
​Turnaround Time
​14 Days
​Positive result does not confirm infection; clinical correlation is required.  Negative result does not preclude the possibility of infection.
​Additional Information
​VRDL Points of Contact
​Medical and Epidemiology Liaisons: (510) 307-8585

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