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VRDL Specimen Shipping Guidelines and Current Specimen Submittal Forms 

Specimen Shipping Guidelines

  • Specimens must be accompanied with a printed copy of the form(s) specified below or a form generated in the VRDL Lab Web Portal.​
  • Submit one form per specimen. Specimens without a correctly filled sub​mittal form will not be tested.
  • Prevent leaking. Be sure that the primary specimen container is closed tightly.
  • Use an appropriate, sealed secondary bag or container with absorbent material included.
  • Do not apply tape to secondary bags. Do not tape specimens or bags together.
  • Handwritten General Purpose Specimen Submittal forms will not be accepted.

Please refer to Test Order pages in the VRDL Test Catalog​ for additional shipping information​.​

Note: In order to ensure accurate patient and specimen identification, the submitter must provide the following information:​

    • Patient name or patient identification number (must also be written on sample container)
    • Date of birth
    • Date of onset (estimate if necessary, since this is very important to result interpretation)
    • Type of specimen(s) (must also be written on sample container
    • Date specimen was collected (must also be written on sample container)

Specimen Submittal Forms ​​


When submitting Hantavirus specimens, open these two links and fill out BOTH forms

Batch Submittal Forms

If you are having difficulty accessing the General Purpose Specimen Submittal Form please contact CDPH at (510) 307-8585 or

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