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How to Unlink a Business

Unlinking an associated business will remove your account’s access to a business and its testing sites. Before unlinking, you may view the testing sites in the business by clicking the corresponding “View” button.

To unlink or disassociate your account from a business, log in to your account...

step 1On CDPH Licensing Portal, click the Laboratory Facilities icon to go to the laboratory licensing welcome screen:

CDPH Licensing Portal screen with Laboratory Facilities icon encircled  


step 2On the Laboratory Licensing welcome screen, you should see all the businesses linked to your account under the “My Businesses” stack. Look for the business you wish to unlink and click the
trash bin icon. ​

​​​ ​ ​​

step 3Confirm by clicking the Submit button:

Confirm unlinking by clicking Submit button  


The business should no longer appear on your welcome screen. 

Please note: Deleting a business from your account will not delete the business from our system. It will only unlink your account from the business. To link back, please click “Link Existing License” and follow the screen prompts.

Welcome screen without the unlinked business

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