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California Out-of-State Clinical Laboratory License

California Business and Professions Code (BPC) section 1265 (e) and (g) require clinical laboratories submit a completed application within 30 days of a major change of ownership, directorship, name, location -OR- cease engaging in clinical laboratory practice. See References.

Major Change of Owner (Out-of-State)

A major change in ownership means the new owners own 50% or more of the ownership interest than the current owners which clinical laboratory license was issued. See BPC 1211 (f) on References.

“A major change of ownership" means a change in ownership where 50 percent or more of the ownership interest is owned by persons other than the owners to whom the current clinical laboratory license is issued.

Other Changes

Download and submit LAB 193 (PDF) Notification of Laboratory Change form, for other changes (other than the major changes mentioned above) such as change in location address, mailing address, telephone/fax number, closure of laboratory, and accreditation change. No fee is required for these changes.


Important Reminders

  • All forms must be completed, filled out and dated. Supporting documents may be submitted in electronic format.
  • Complete all applicable sections of the forms and provide dated signatures where required. Supporting documents may be submitted via email to Incomplete forms, missing information, and/or insufficient documentation will delay processing.
  • After our initial review, applicants will be given 30 days to correct any deficiencies. Failure to satisfy the Department's requirements will result in the abandonment of the application and/or termination of the license.
  • The application fee is non-refundable and will not be credited to your account if the application is abandoned, denied, or withdrawn.


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