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 Don’t WaitVaccinate! 


Many children and adults have missed routine medical checkups and recommended vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ensure that everyone in your family is up to date with their vaccines and ready for work, school, or childcare. Schedule a checkup today to keep your family protected against serious diseases, like whooping cough (pertussis) and COVID-19. Don’t Wait – Vaccinate! 


Families that are having difficulty obtaining required immunizations prior to the start of school can contact their local health department for help in finding a place to get needed immunizations. Families without health insurance can find more information at the Vaccines for Children program.

Visit the Shots for School CDPH page for information on immunization laws and required vaccinations for students in California. 

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Social Media 

Use the images and suggested messaging below to help educate Californians about the importance of staying up to date on vaccination and routine screening. Feel free to customize and share via social media platforms, websites, patient portals, emails, and other ways to reach your audiences. We also encourage posting pictures from your own community. 


To use these images, click on each one to enlarge the image, then right click and "save as." 


dontwaitvaccinate-1Suggested Messaging:

Make sure your child is up to date on all routine vaccines before they return to school. Beat the rush! #CallYourPediatrician #DontWaitVaccinate  

dontwaitvaccinate-2Suggested Messaging:

Vaccines can help keep your preteen and teen healthy, so they can continue going to school and hanging out with friends. Get some peace of mind by immunizing your preteen against diseases like whooping cough and COVID-19.  

#BackToSchool #ShotsforSchool #DontWaitVaccinate  

Suggested Messaging:dontwaitvaccinate-3

Keeping your child up to date with vaccines is still possible, even if you don’t have health insurance. Find a Vaccines for Children program provider near you. #DontWaitVaccinate  

dontwaitvaccinate-5Suggested Messaging:

Are you worried about keeping your child healthy during #COVID19? You’re not alone. Talk with your doctor about COVID-19 vaccines for your child, stay up to date with other immunizations, get a blood lead screening, and check your child’s growth and development. #CallYourPediatrician #DontWaitVaccinate 

dontwaitvaccinate-4Suggested Messaging:

COVID-19 vaccination protects children against serious illness while giving parents greater confidence in their children participating in childcare, school, and other activities. #DontWaitVaccinate 

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